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School hero



Major Devinderjit Singh Pannu, VrC.

Major Devinderjit Singh Pannu was commanding a company of the 5th Battalion of Sikh Regiment, occupying a key position for the defence of Chhamb when the enemy launch their attack on the night of 2-4 December 1971. Major Pannu immediately rushed to one of his platoons occupying a screen position at Moel border out post and held out against heavy pressure through that night and their after for 16 hours after the position had virtually been surrounded he then withdrew to his main position where his company was subjected to Battalion night attack by the enemy during two successive night.

 Major DS Pannu repeatedly exposed himself to enemy small arms and Artillery fire by moving from one locality to another, inspiring his men to beat back the enemy. The enemy launched another Battalion attack on the morning 05 December 1971 preceded by heavy Artillery fire. While moving from trench to trench, reassuring his men who had been subjected to continuous and ceaseless pressure during the past two days, Major DS Pannu was mortally bounded by a shell and died on his post. Through out this period Major DS Pannu displayed inspiring leadership and foiled repeated enemy attempt to overrun his position. His conduct was in the best tradition of his find Regiment and the Indian Army. For this act of exceptional bravely and devotion to duty, he was awarded a Vir Chakra (Posthumous).


APS Rakhmuthi has adopted Major DS Pannu as a School Hero to develop the feelings of patriotism  among the young Rakhmuthians. The Birth anniversary of school hero is celebrated on every 10 September with great enthusiasm. In the loving memory of Major DS Pannu, VrC a special cash award is given to a academically competent child.