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Admission Policy

Admission Policy :

1.     Admission :-  Following category of children will be admitted based on Transfer Certificate (TC) from previous  school, without and admission test :

                    (a)  Children who are coming on Pass/promoted TC from another Army Public School/KV between the  period 01 April to 31 July.

     (b)  Children who have studied for 10 academic months in another Army Public School/KV and seeking admission after 31 July.

(c)  An evaluation test may be taken in respect of these children to facilitate further academic coaching and allocation of section. However such an evaluation test will not be treated as admission test and child entitled admission will be allowed to attend classes within 48 hours of reporting to the school.

2.        Admission Test :

(a)  All other category of children including Army children not covered under admission category may be admitted after an admission test. The Principal will arrange admission tests in the subjects as specified in Article 202 and decide whether the student can be admited and if so, to which class. On this point, his/her decision shall be final. The standard of the admission test will be of the level of the annual examination of the class preceding to which admission is sought. However, in no case any child of a serving Army personnel or Army widow will be denied admission. The child will be accepted in a suitable class at the discretion of the Principal.

(b)  Army children who are to be admitted based on the admission test as stated in Article 199 (a) will be allowed to attend the class based on their Transfer Certificate from the previous school. However their classes for admission would be decided by the Principal within 10 days of their reporting to the school.

(c)  Admission test will be held on the first working day of every week and result will be announced within 48 hours. A retest, where considered necessary, may be given after seven days of the first admission test.

3.    Subject for Admission Test : The admission test will be held in the following subjects :-



Primary Classes (II to V)

English, Hindi and Maths

Middle Classes (VI to VIII)

English, Hindi,  Mathematics and Science

Secondary Classes (IX and X)

Senior Secondary Classes (XI and XII)

English, Hindi,  Mathematics and Scienc

Science (Stream)

Commerce (Stearm)  

Arts (Stream)


4.    Concession shall be given in admission tests for deficiency in language (English, Hindi and Sanskrit.) This shall not be so liberal that the deficiency may not be made good by combined efforts of the school and parents in one session.


Note :- The assurance of removing language deficiency within a year shall be given in writing by the parents of the pupils, if admitted.


5.    Admission without Transfer Certificate :- Direct admission i.e. admission without a transfer certificate shall be made only up to class VI. If a pupil, who has not previously attended any recognize school, applies for admission to any one of the Classes II to VI, his parent shall be required to give full history of his previous education and submit an affidavit to the effect that his ward has not attended any recognize school till then. She/he shall  also be require to submit an affidavit regarding the extract date of birth his ward. If a seat is available in the class to which admission is sought, the head of the school shall arrange a special test to determine the suitability of the pupil for admission  to the class. Admission shall be granted if the pupil passes in the special test. If the parent statement under this clause is found to contain any willful misrepresentative of date of birth or other facts regarding the pupil’s educational career, the head of the school shall cancel the admission and report the matter to the Education authorities of the district for circulation of the information to other school. The name of the pupil will be struck off the roll of the school.

6.    A pupil coming from a recognize school or a KV or Army Public School, shall not be admitted to a class higher than the one in which he/she was studying at his former school expected in the case of those who have successfully passed the annual examination and have been promoted to a higher class.

7.    A pupil who fails once at the annual examination (Class I – XII) may be admitted to the same class in the next session of the same or of any other Army Public School. A pupil who fails twice at the annual examination shall not be admitted even in special cases.

8.    A pupil who fails in the Board’s final examination shall be admitted ordinarily as a casual student and the fee charged at the same rate as from a regular student. However, in exceptional circumstances Chairman of Scholl Management Committee may approve admission as regular student.


9.    Age Limit : Though the requirement of the CBSE that the All India secondary Examination shall be open to pupils who have internally attained the age of 15 years on 30th September of the year in which they take the examination has been abolished with effect from the examination of 1983, the age of admission to various classes in Army Public School, however, shall be regulated as indicated below :-

For Admission to Class

The student should complete the under-mentioned years of age on 31 March of the year in which admission is sought.


5 Years


6 Years


7 Years


8 Years


9 Years


10 Years


11 Years


12  Years


13  Years


14  Years


15  Years


16 Years



Proof of  Age .

(a)  In case of Defence Personal, extract of their record of Service, duly attested by their Commanding Officers, will be accepted as a conclusive proof for age of their children.

(b)  Birth certificate issued by Miltary/Civil Hospital as well as by Municipalities/Village Panchayats will also be accepted.


11.  Change of Date of Birth. Once recorded in the school scholar register, change in the date of birth will not normally be accepted, expect on production of proof in the form of birth certificate from Municipal Committee/Cantt Board/State authorities authorized to issue birth certificate.