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School Management Committee

(a) Cdr 191 Inf Bde   Chairman
(b) AQMG 191 Inf Bde   Member
(c) GE (S) Akhnoor   Member
(d) Two parents of the students in the school (rotation basis)   Members
(e) Two teachers of the school (rotation basis)   Members
(f) Two educationists
(i) SO-1 (Edn) 10 Inf Div
(ii) SO-2 (Edn) 191 Inf Bde
(g) Principal APS Rakhmuthi   Secretary
(h) Dy Cdr 191 Inf Bde   Invitee
(i) Adm Comdt/SSO Stn HQ Rakhmuthi   Invitee
(j) OC 191 Inf Bde Sig Coy   Invitee