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Protection of Children from Sexual Offences

                      Protection of Children from Sexual Offences


·       Listen to your inner feelings.

·       Say ‘No’ to any person who is making you uncomfortable.

·       Go away from people who are making you uncomfortable and share your experience with your parents (dear one’s), teachers.

·       Give your children knowledge of “Good” and “Bad” touch.

·       Private parts should be covered always.

·       Be aware of your surrounding and body language.

·       You can also call the Child Helpline No.-1098 & 9868235077

·       Teach your child the correct name for all the parts of the body.

·       Work on building your child’s self-esteem.

·       Learn the law on child protection.


·       Do not let others take advantage of your mistake.

·       Do not keep any problem secret.

·       Do not be afraid to share your feeling with dear one’s.

·       Do not be judgmental about what your child tells you. Especially if it is about their feelings.

·       Do not feel guilty to share when any kind of abuse occurs.

·       Do not blame the victim. It is not his/her fault. Abuser is responsible for this crime.

·       Do not feel guilty if your problem has been disclosed.

·       Do not react extremely when incidence is reported.

·       Do not send the child back to the person or place where the abuse occurred.

·       Do not allow your child to play secret games.