Our goal is to focus on the individual by encouraging realistic decision-making along with self-reflection and self-direction.

 A proactive and thoughtful approach will ensure a successful journey.  Self-discovery, determining personal strengths and weaknesses, goal setting, overcoming personal challenges and, finally, decision-making skills all contribute to the successful completion of Upper School and signify an important step toward adulthood.


I look forward to working closely with students in the areas of personal, social, and academic development. My goal as a counselor is to assist students with overcoming barriers that may prevent students from achieving the overall (academic) success. I encourage students to grow in maturity to actualize their potential & to utilize their resources towards their definite goals.

  We conduct assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses in problem solving, processing, and academic skills in students age 6 and older and meet weekly with students during these times, and we discuss age-appropriate topics such as social skills, peer mediation, problem solving, body awareness, self concept, and educational/vocational planning. We are also available to assist students with personal issues, including social/emotional concerns, academic guidance, and career exploration. Confidentiality is of utmost ethical importance and is always practiced unless there is a question of the safety of the student or others. 

Students may be referred to us by parents, teachers, or themselves.   



For more information on the counsellor.  you are welcome to email us at any time.