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Senior Wing Co-ordinator





Perseverance is an attitude of persisting one single idea, discipline, ideal, rules to achieve success,

to achieve a goal- in spite of facing n- number of difficulties, obstructions, hurdles, failures etc.

Dear students, success in life does not come easily!!

There are numbers of failures and hurdles; you have to pass through before you achieve something

worthwhile in life. The only undying quality imbibed in every successful man, is the quality of perseverance.                        It is this quality which makes even seemingly impossible task possible.

Friends, there is an apt saying that “Fire is the test of Gold and Adversity is the test of Man”.

The key to success in any field is perseverance, industriousness and single minded effort to achieve the Goal.

Success is like a ladder where you have to climb step by step and do a lot of hard work to reach at the top.

You have to pass through many difficulties and hurdles but the fruits will be always 100% sweet.

We should not lose heart when we fail in  any endeavour. We should not be disheartened and feel helpless.

In spite of setback, if we continue to work hard, sincerely and in right direction with team spirit, we will surely achieve our set Goal.


                                                                                                                                                                  Senior School Coordinator

                                                                                                                                                                  Mrs Kamlesh Rajput