As the school aspires at providing bursting development, we have a team of professionally qualified, extremely competent, dedicated and sincere teachers who have been specially selected through a very meticulous and in-depth process to help in affluent and all -round development of the students.

From time to time, workshops are conducted for the staff regarding the latest teaching techniques available. We have made sure that they are fluent communicators who constantly strive to find new and innovative methods of presenting the subject to the students in a way that interests them and aids better understanding and retention. Our teachers are the Individuals with the ability to keep the students abreast with the changes and developments of the modern world, yet imbibe in them the age-old cultural heritage that this country has always been proudly associated with.
For individual attention of the students, the teacher-taught ratio is 1:35 especially at the prep and the Junior Level.

Top mentors who have rendered marvelous attempt in their area of work are given awards of excellence. The indispensable motive of our school is to impart finest education to children. Time to time counselling sessions are also carried out by the teachers for the healthy and balanced development of the students,they are always aware of the needs and limitations of each student and structure their approach accordingly.